Why People Travel Abroad

Studying abroad at times becomes a Herculean task. Growing up in a country  one have probably establish comfort zone with family members and  friends.  It takes great effort and determination for someone to leave his/her home country in pursuit of studies or any other thing in another man’s land, a strange land. Many challenges accompany the journey of studying abroad. Of course, a path without obstacles leads nowhere. Taking the challenge means stepping out of your comfort zone and this can be a pretty pathway to achieving great things.  

Many people with high school, bachelor or even master’s degrees will always desire and strive to further their studies abroad. In this write-up, we are going to examine  7 top reasons why people travel to  study abroad or to do other things abroad.

1 career growth and opportunities

We live in an era where employers will always value and recruit graduates with International education background and experience  over those that have only studied internally. Someone who has studied abroad has probably expand his/her knowledge on global issues and will therefore be in a better position to acquire certain jobs ( international jobs in most cases). Getting a degree improves one’s career, but getting it international makes it more powerful. This is the difference.

2 Gain advanced or top Quality Education

Many students in very remote areas, mostly in Africa cannot get top quality education because there are very few facilities. Some fields like medicine, engineering and construction requires expert trainers and top technological equipment which in most cases are never available in very low-income countries. Big economies like the USA, Japan, Australia, have higher education systems with the some of the best universities in the world. Therefore, Many students who are passionate about getting the best quality education will always strive to study in these areas with good education systems. Given this, many often fly to far-off countries to gain a world-class education.

3 learn and experience  different cultures

One thing about life is that humans are different with different cultures and will always be different. Travelling to different countries you learn to accept people just the way they are. Being culturally sensitive is very important in a globalised world that we live in. Again, when you study abroad, you will find incredible new foods, customs, traditions, and social atmospheres.

4 Gain independence and self reliance

Travelling to study or do something else in another country means that you will be independent of your parents.  This alone is a boost  to one’s personal development and you learn to rely on yourself. This help shape your future and you are able to assume responsible even at a very early age and this is great advantage which keeps one in a better position to face the future.

5 Learn new language

English language is most spoken language in the world today followed by French. Studying in the U S or United kingdom enable you to learn the English language and be able to socialize everywhere in a world mostly dominated by English language. Knowing many languages has always been a great skill in our world. Some one who have studied abroad will be able to  learn a new language,  and have a greater understanding of the world.  

6 Explore a football career

This is typical of many Africans. Africa is a continent known for killing talent. Lack of exposure has blighted the future of most young people in Africa. Many Africans travel abroad because bad government of their home country doesn’t give them the opportunity to showcase their talent. European countries are always good at promoting talent irrespective of where you come from.. Many Africans therefore often travel abroad because they are determined to actualize their dreams of playing on the biggest stage and their home country can’t support them. At the end of the day, most African who have established their football careers in Europe Chose to represent their host country over their home countries.

7 Make new friend and valuable connections.

One of the biggest advantage of studying abroad is that, you get to make new friends and get connected with people that can be of great impact in your life.

Because of the many advantages of studying abroad, many often resort to applying for scholarship opportunity or participating in lottery programs as this can ease their way and process of traveling to another country. The US DV lottery run annually has been a great platform that has help many people actualize their dreams of traveling and studying abroad.

Shey Julius Nkuh

A Conflict Resolution graduate currently persuing Master's Degree in the University of Buea, Cameroon. Believes in the role of the media as an educational, informational and entertainment tool . He is also passionate about creating awareness to societal crisis. For this reason, has dedicated most of his time to charity. He derives pleasure in blogging and creating contents for you.

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