I Went Somewhere to Minister and my Head Emptied: Frank Edwards revealed

Christ Embassy music star Frank Edwards shared a touching story about how he almost lost his ability to make music and how Dr. Paul Enenche help him out of the mess.

“…I went somewhere to minister, I won’t mention the name of the place I could tell that my head emptied…” he said

Frank Edwards had been going to many different places to minister, but one day he went to a place that made him feel like he couldn’t make any music anymore. He didn’t know what was wrong and he couldn’t work on his album. People were asking him why he wasn’t making music anymore.

“…after I came back from that place I could not do anything I’ll get into the studio, it feels like there’s a blockage and I didn’t know what was going on time was going you know people were asking me what is going on We’ve not heard from you. I just keep saying I’m working I’m working but I could tell that there was a blockage somewhere…” he said

One day, the man of God Dr. Paul Enenche called him and they talked about what was going on. Doctor told that he needed to pray before going to new places to minister. He prayed for him and the next day, he felt like a window of heaven opened and he was able to make music again. Songs begin to pour like there was a heavy downpour…

Shey Julius Nkuh

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