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“I Was Born Blind” Nigerian Singer Chidinma Reveals

In a new video, Nigerian singer Chidinma Ekile unveils a remarkable journey from darkness to light. She reveals that she was born blind, her eyes remaining closed and unresponsive despite her parents’ desperate attempts to find a medical solution. But it was through the unwavering faith and prayers of her mother that a miraculous transformation occurred.

Yes I was born blind actually, I didn’t open my eyes at all…”

Chidinma’s mother, a prayer warrior, turned to God in her darkest hour. She began fasting and attending church, hoping for a divine intervention. And then, against all odds, Chidinma’s eyes fluttered open. It was a moment of awe-inspiring wonder, but the journey was far from over.

Her eyes were plagued with a fiery redness, a new challenge that needed to be overcome. Once again, her mother embarked on a spiritual journey of fasting, praying, and anointing. And it was through this unwavering commitment that Chidinma’s vision finally became clear.

But there was more to this extraordinary story. Chidinma’s mother had made a secret covenant with God, vowing to give her daughter back to Him if He could restore her sight. This clandestine agreement, made without Chidinma’s knowledge, showcased the depth of her mother’s devotion.

For Chidinma, this covenant became the foundation of her life. She felt that without God at the center, she couldn’t reach her full potential. Every endeavor outside of God seemed to fall short, lacking the fulfillment and peace that only He could provide.

With heartfelt advice, Chidinma shares her message of hope. To those who have tried every option and found no success, she urges them to return to their source, to find their way back to God. She speaks from personal experience, knowing that true fulfillment can only be found in Him.

Chidinma emphasizes that worldly achievements and material wealth cannot fill the void in our hearts. Only a connection with God can bring true peace and fulfillment. And it was through this realization that she found her purpose and transitioned into a gospel music ministry.

It’s over a year today since Chidinma transitioned into Gospel Music ministry. She released her first Gospel song on 2 May 2022, titled “Jehovah Overdo” produced by Eezee Tee and directed by Avalon Okpe. Ministering at Enthronement Assembly, she said she decided to turn a new leaf because she believed that, that was the right time to work for her father.

On 20 August 2021 Chidinma released her debut Album (New  Season album) comprising seven tracks including a bonus track performed entirely in French. Her second studio album titled psalm 16 that comprised of  eight soul-searching tracks was released on 14 October 2022.  The album featured  Ks bloom and  indira baboke from Ivory Coast and Cameroon respectively.

Today, Chidinma stands as a testament to the power of faith and the transformative nature of God’s love. Her journey from blindness to sight, from emptiness to fulfillment, is an inspiration to all who hear her story. With her debut gospel album and powerful message, she continues to touch hearts and bring others closer to their source.

Nigerian singer Chidinma speaks about how she was born blind and how God came to her rescue via her Mother

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